What can you expect when visiting Engage Calvary?

Engage Calvary is a church with a casual and contemporary style that makes it possible for us to engage with God through worship and the study of the eternal truths of Scripture. Whether you’re just beginning your walk with Jesus, or you’ve been following Him for many years, we invite you to visit us.

Dress Code

You will find nearly all styles of dress represented any given Sunday. Feel free to dress up if that's more your style or come in t-shirts and shorts. It’s up to you.

Service Structure

We start off with about 20 minutes of modern worship songs. Our worship leaders on stage lead us with vocals, guitars and drums. We don’t have a choir on stage, as every person in attendance is considered “the choir.”

After the singing portion of our worship service, our pastor teaches a Bible study for about 45 minutes. We usually end the service with a song of response. Each service has children’s ministry for the kids from 6 weeks old to 8th Grade.

Audtiorium Etiquette

Our desire is to provide a distraction-free worship service. Please silence your cell phone and limit unnecessary movement during the Bible study. We also ask that you respect the guidance given by our ushers. NOTE TO PARENTS: While we do allow children in the sanctuary during the worship service, we ask that you would be considerate to those around you should your children become disruptive. Ushers can assist you to the appropriate classroom.


We love children! So we provide an awesome children’s ministry to serve your kids. We have a nursery for infants for toddlers. We also have a pre-school classroom for those children older than a toddler but not quite ready for school. For those kids in school, we have the elementary classroom. This age group joins with the adults for worship, then dismisses for class afterwards. In each classroom we have worship and snacks and a Bible study presented at the age appropriate level.


Check out our Events page to see what we do throughout the year.